Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The stuff rich, white young men complain about (Joe Deters’ son)

Early today my phone begin to ring constantly. The Reason: Lincoln Ware mentioned over the airwaves (1230 am the Buzz) that the Chief Legal Representative for Hamilton County had refused to come on his show again. The Reason: His family, and especially his son, has been traumatized by what I write on this blog. I believe Joe Deters has four sons, three of them grown, and the youngest is a senior in high school. I could be wrong about this because unlike Joe Deters, I can’t use public resources to spy on private citizens. I’m assuming Joe Deters is referring to his youngest son as being traumatized by this blog. CAJDs’ blog does not exist to mess with “people’s people.” We believe that the black people’s persecutor, Deters’--his family is off limits. A confession: In the past I have written about Deters’ alleged affair with his mother-in-law. Still, none of them should be punished for the sins of their father-- Joe and the hoes  prostitute (allegedly).

If Joe Deters’ son does not like what I write about his father on this blog, than he shouldn’t be reading it! If this little ole’ blog causes him pain, then one can only imagine what the sensitive young man would do if he ever got that Deters’ black people's style of injustice. You know the type of injustice when Deters’ bounds you  over at the age of 15 and you’re tried as an adult. 15 year’s old and you gotta go to prison for snatching a purse. The crime (purse snatching) is not right, but neither is the punishment. Or what about when he calls black people animals and lynches them in the newspaper before they are ever convicted in the court of law. What about when he makes statements in the newspaper like he wishes someone would put black, young men in a cage and let them shoot themselves, huh? Or what about when he gives a third year college student, with no prior, 20 years in prison with no chance of parole. It’s a flat sentence. Shamefully, some people only get 9 years for murders. But, hey, who cares if a black person, kills another black person. Just, don’t ever use a gun to rob a bank in Reading, Ohio. Population: white people. Young, black men if robbery is your crime of choice, rob your own people. Only rob people that look like you. That is, if you want a slap on the wrist, or a light sentence. Don’t ever commit a crime against the  Joe Deters type of white person. Good Ole’ boy white racism at its finest. Death penalty Deters. You know the type of Joe Deters’ racist that accuse you of being un-American, not born in America, less than American/human.  
Young black, men just stay out of trouble. Stop committing crimes. Oh, if only it were that easy.  Aren't you the hate, that hate produced?  Some in America hate you. They want you to fail. Some people pray, that young, black men fail.

Somebody told me that Joe Deters’ is the most powerful Republican in Hamilton County. He’s got money. He’s got power. (White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and un-elected). I don’t understand why the most powerful Republican in Hamilton County would give a rat’s ass about this blog. I’m a single mother of two. I’ve got two jobs, two college degrees, 1 book, 1 blog, 1 piece of paper that indicates that Joe Deters made a back door deal, with my son’s case, and left out the front door.

I don’t understand why Deters feels the need to punish the entire black community and not come on black radio and dialogue with the listeners to help solve real issues that plague all of our communities. Everybody that I know wants to live in safe neighborhoods, we want the crime in our community to stop. We want a full-time Prosecutor, not a part-time newspaper persecutor.

Deters goes down the dial, often, and hams it up with that radio host.  Is his audience more deserving of a conversation with the prosecutor, than Lincoln's audience?

I thank Lincoln Ware for having a pair and allowing me to come on his radio and TV show to share my book that I self-published. I put up my money, and did the best that I could to write a book that not only shares my son’s story in the hope of helping other youth, but that also attempts to offer solutions to crime, and to give ALL young men the audacity to hope. One  chapter in the book is about Deters’. I tried my best to present facts and not attack Deters in that chapter.

If Joe Deters does not like what I have written in my book, or what I write on this blog, if this blog or my book gets his panties, or his son’s panties in a bunch gets his family upset, then keep the deal you promised  my son Deters. You’re the most powerful republican in Hamilton county. You had your HDIC charge threaten to sue me, but you won’t sue me….because then Hamilton County and Cincinnati will have to hear about your laundry lists of Dirty Deeds.

The book can be purchased at Roshow awards and graphics across the street from Woodward Technical High school (in Jordan’s crossing).

Help me to understand this folks. Deters takes issue with my blog, but not his boy's blog--Jim Schfrin of the online ragsheet the Whistleblower.