Saturday, September 5, 2009

Widmer style of Justice (Joe Deters style)

I know that's right. I too want that Widmer style of justice for my beloved son. You get convicted. You are convicted. You get convicted. You are convicted. Your family throws a fundraiser on your behalf (Go family!). Your defense team makes lemons out of lemonade (jurors practiced drowning techniques) and your behind walks free with "dusty" jeans on. Wow. For the record back when Widmer's court proceedings were taking place, I questioned if he was really guilty. I have since concluded that he is more guilty than not. If that's possible. Question-- How can one get convicted of a crime, than get a retrial based on jurors misconduct? For instance even if they practiced how long it takes one to dry off, what does that have to do with his guilt or innocence? And Widmers' mom. What a lady! She's only doing what any parent would do and that is to love your boy unconditionally. Even if he's wrong. You may not love what he has done. You certainly don't condone the act. But you love him unconditionally!