Friday, September 4, 2009

Blood Money from Joe Deters for council candidate

I hate to read the Enqui-liar because every since that one reporter Sharon Coolidge lied on me, and her boss screamed at me, “Ma’am you’re son robbed a bank.” which had nothing to do with her lying on me, I’ve been pissed at that paper and everybody over there. Still, I must admit the online version of that paper, at times, not always, provides me with news I can use. Today on one of the reporter’s blogs he provides a link that provided me with answers as to who is giving what amount to council candidates. Oh boy. First up, is a candidate that I like a lot. He’s honest, as much as I can tell, he’s compassionate, and he’s the hardest working candidate out there. He’s everywhere. Run Charlie Run. Charlie Winburn is the man. Except, and it’s a doozy, he received a campaign contribution from Joe Deters. Ouch. Winburn did admit to me, casually and quickly, that Joe Deters is a friend. He said, "Joe’s a friend." That was the extent of our conversation. Joe’s a friend. Wow. Ouch. How can any black person utter those words? Ouch. Still Charlie Winburn, I believe, is a man of integrity, and I’m going to leave that one alone. Ouch. Also on Mr. Winburn’s list of contributors is Mike Allen. Mike Allen is an outstanding individual. He is. Mike Allen has made mistakes, who hasn’t? And he has spoken recklessly about a Few Good Men, but one thing about Allen, and this makes all the difference in the world, he apologizes when he’s wrong, sometimes. It takes a heck of a man to apologize for his “hump” days and for making reckless comments against strong black leadership in Cincinnati. Deters on the other hand will never apologize for his crude treatment of black people in Cincinnati. For God’s sakes he calls black people animals. He will never apologize for his “hump” days. Charlie Winburn is a fine American. I mean that. It’s what I believe. I’m not trying to “out” him by posting public information. My deceased grandmother, my Grandmabea, had a saying and that is that-- what one does in the dark will come out in the light. Thus I am providing the link, for all to see, for anyone who cares to see. Don’t judge. Instead, be informed. There are some other interesting finds on that website. Too many to list here. On another note. Where is LaMarque Ward’s name on the candidate list? Show some love (give a donation) to Ms. Anitra Brockman. She’s an awesome person that I’ve seen out and about in the community. Show some love to Brockman for council. That means give her some money. Peace.


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