Saturday, September 12, 2009

Berding gets the boot!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Cincinnati Democratic party  officially pulls its endorsement of council member Jeff Berding, Upon hearing this I couldn’t help but think of the Sam Cooke song (A Change is gonna come), and the lyrics that a good many people (Democrats and others) in this town might be sangin‘-- It’s been a loooooooooooooong time coming! Well CAJD will be tuned in to our favorite radio station at 5:00 pm  to get an insiders take as to why Berding got the boot.


From that political commercial last year, “Berding’s not a bad guy, he’s just been around too long.”

(Bro. Powell you know that you brought council member Berding to Dos Amigos on his birthday with a cake)


Yeeeeeeeees We can!

Vote yes on these two local issues: coming to a ballot box near you real soon. Yes on 8! Yes on issue 9!


Attorney David Singleton is the man! He called the Mayor out on the Lisa K. Crawford radio show in regards to the city’s policy on NOT hiring felons. He essentially told the mayor to Man-Up. Sort of.  Attorney Singleton is not disrespectful…actually he sent out a kind request over the airwaves for the mayor to take a big stand on the city's policy of not hiring felons. Attorney Singleton is a class act! The mayor really ain’t so bad either , although he’s on the wrong side of the tracks on a few issues--issue 8, issue 9, city not hiring felons….


Big up to City Beat newspaper. Thanks for not being sccccccccaaaaaaared and allowing me to advertise, running the risk that your paper might ruin your relationship with City government. lol. I swear to God a local billboard company declined my business because (these are their words), “We are not willing to risk our relationship with City government. Bitches. Grow a pair. Remember that group, that joke group (with only one good member…run Charlie run….) Citizens for Community Values, tried to sue City Beat over the “hooker ads” and City Beat fought back! The only local prick that didn’t sign that petition was Joe Deters, wonder why?

Anyway Blog readers--Happy Saturday. Don’t do or say anything that I wouldn’t do. That means you’re free to do any fucking thing you like! Love ya!

Have patience with me Dear Readers I'm trying to revamp the blog--spruce it up and I'm having a dandy of a time