Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*ANOTHER UPDATE* Did Deters send a man to death row for 10 dollars? Congressman Driehaus responds.

Congressman Driehaus stated that he'd be happy to talk to with the Hill family and that they should contact him. 513. 684.2723

FOR THE SECOND TIME STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED. DETERS NAME TAKEN OUT OF STORY. WONDER WHY? http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090129/NEWS01/301290075 Once again it has happened. After City Beat reported the story, than CAJD blog, Deters and Coolidge jump on board. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090128/NEWS0107/301280028 Did Deters send a man to death row for killing his mother to obtain 10 dollars while he was high on crack? Many of us have made mistakes (illegal and immoral) throughout our lifetime. Sometimes we wish that we could take back our mistakes. We cannot. We wish that we were perfect. We are not. Some of us have made mistakes that are worst than others. Jeff Hilled killed his mother. His family forgives him. They don't want him to be executed. It speaks volumes about a family who is able to forgive a loved one for killing a loved one. Read the story. Humble yourselves. Write the Governor. http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/blog-416-another-cincinnati-black-man-dies.html


Anonymous said...

Only Dirty Deed Deters would pursue the death penalty when the victims say it will only compound their pain. Where is Deters morals when it comes to serving the interests of the victims? It isn't there, it never was - the death penalty has really only served Deters' desire for ultimate powers of God and to see every black man possible hung from a tree. (As evidenced by the Whistleblower blogs). Deters is just a sadist, sick false prophet of the GOP. Good save his soul

Anonymous said...

God can't save what Deters does not have.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain that Deters wasn't even the Prosecutor then. Since you don't understand the law, you don't understand that he has nothing to do with this. You all need to seek professional help.

FBK said...

If Deters wasn’t the prosecutor, he should refrain from comments on the story. In fact he should only make comments as it pertains to why he, the chief legal representative of Hamilton County pals around with Jim Schifrin of the racist Whistleblower online paper. Deters should address if he shared an assassination joke about the President of the United States.

Deters should address why he dishes out double-standard sentences. He should admit that he engaged in voter suppression/intimidation. He should apologize for being a dishonest pay-to-play politician. He should apologize re: the Cleveland incident. Shall I continue?

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors don't dish out sentences, Judges do. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

(Stop blogging on the county dime) - and do you think we're all stupid? Of course prosecutors "have something to do with" sentencing, they ask for specific sentences, lobby for it in their sentencing arguments, seek it specifically in their charging documents AND to the court/jury - often tell juries the sentence "demands" this or that.
Then, when a post conviction hearing or parole board action is on deck - there's the prosecutor telling the authorities what they should and should not do, and usually including the argument - "the victims deserve..."
Heck, wasn't it Deters who recently went on a media blitz to get people to call and support HIS demand to move forth on another execution? (for the victims, always, for the victims...)
I think he claims to be Catholic - as a Catholic, I don't know how he will escape perpetual damnation for all the blood on his hands. He makes this sick, drug-induced killer look like a girl scout compared to him.

If we care about victims of crime - call the state and ask them to spare the victims more pain and suffering and deny Deters another noose hanging from his biased tree of justice and claiming that he does it on behalf of the victims.

The big problem here is, they couldn't even have gotten the death penalty unless the prosecutor claimed the $10 theft (and what, he actually broke into his mom's house and then they argued about his visiting her enough - you talk about incompetent counsel - this whole thing is a travesty of injustices from start to finish)
And if those posts come from the county prosecutor's staff - then we're in big trouble because you guys don't know the law.

FBK said...

In fact on the HCP (Deters) website he lobbys for the death penalty. That is to say he ask readers to contact board with the request that they carry out executions.

Blood on Deters' hands.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:07 am. I think sleep deprivation has clouded your mind. Prosecutors can only request a sentence. It is the sole discretion of the Judge to pass it. It is an ethical violation for a Judge to tell a Defense Atty or a Prosecutor what the sentence is going to be. If you don't believe me, call the Bar Association.
I find it odd that you think Deters or his staff give a rats ass about you blog. I'm sure they lose sleep every night. I was just trying to explain why you sound so dumb. If you would maybe pay attention to the facts and not just pop off, you may end up getting somewhere.
You are clearly not very bright.

Anonymous said...

This guy killed his mother, in cold blood, high on drugs......cut him some slack...He should get the congressional medal of honor. It's not like he shot up a check cashing place and then held a loaded weapon to an innocent woman's head while robbing a bank....oh, wait a minute...I'm confused

Jasmine said...

Anonymous Our group, Citizens Against Joe Deters, does not condone crime. We realize people that commit crime must be punished. However our group is against double-standard sentences. We are opposed to any “criminal” criminal attorney AKA Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, holding the key to injustice.

Fact: Joe Deters is the chief legal representative of Hamilton County. Jim Schifrin (of the racist Whistleblower rag sheet) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends. Recently he bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about our President. President Obama.

Fact: Joe Deters engaged in Pay-to-Play politics. Engaged in voter intimidation/suppression. Let a mother forget her child in the car by simply saying, “Oh gosh, I forgot.”

Allegedly: Joe Deters pays for whores and was busted with a whore in Cleveland.

FBK said...

No Law can be considered Just unless it is equally applied to all citizens, regardless of race or economic standing.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters will be brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

FBK's son is a convicted felon who nearly killed an innocent worker in a check cashing business. He is now in prison.

Lies and Rumor:
Everything in tnis blog.

I hope you get sued for libel. I hope Joe Deters finds a way to do it.

Sites like this are the reason that Obama and the liberal left want to censor the internet. You will get exactly what you deserve.

FBK said...

FBK's son is a convicted felon who is now in prison.

Fact: FBK’s son was a third year college student, ROTC participant, used spring break to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, was a community volunteer, who committed a despicable crime for which he is being punished. Still he is a beloved son of a mother who speaks truth to power

Fact: Deters made a backroom deal with FBK. Deters has threatened to sue FBK. Blogs like this are the reason an unelected Prosecutor can no longer engaged in pay-to-play politics, pal around with racist newspaper publishers (Whistleblower), share President Obama assassination jokes, engage in voter suppression/intimidation, continue to over prosecute and over sentence young men of color

Keep reading anonymous--up next Joe Deters’ Super bowl commercial

Nicole the Truth said...

Anonymous: Either your Joe Deters himself or just some spineless, toe tapping, ass kisser in Joe Deters' office, who keep bringing up her son. His crime is not going without deserved punishment but he did not deserve injustice. He is paying his debt to society. But it is CAJD and other supporters who is fighting to reduce his excessive sentence and prevent others from being over prosecuted and sentenced by a bias, double standard justice, scandal bearing prosecutor that is Joe Deters. You think your stepping on toes with your meaningless comments, but what you are really doing is strengthening the cause. So Joe Deters or his suckered accomplice, who ever you are; our efforts to stop a determined a passionate mom and her countless supporters is pointless. If you don't like what is being said about Dirty Joe Deters I suggest you quit blogging, turn off your tv, and don't read the papers. Joe Deters own actions and words is leading him to his own self-destruction. It's sites like this that is just the icing on the cake!