Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deters goes down the dial, but refuses to come on the Lincoln Ware show

Deters has no problem going down the dial disrespecting black people. He calls black people  animals. He promises to lock them up, build more jails, build more prisons. He even went down the dial to discuss the murder of Noelle Washington, the 19-year old OTR mother that was murdered, along with her 9-month old baby “Doodles”-- to discuss those murders and  crime in the black community. One could hear the pain in his voice as he discussed the murders and offered solutions to solve crime in the black communities. Yeah! If anybody believes that I’ve got an authentic “Joe Wilson apology” that I want to sell you.

Today Deters was on the radio, on the show that comes on the air, after that racist show, which, isn’t that every show??? You know the main radio show that plays on the imaginations of poor Appalachian and Rural Americans who think the big black boogie man has come to take their guns and their GED certificates.

Rumor has it that Deters has vowed to never step foot on black radio, the popular Lincoln Ware show, because of ME, FBK. Whose afraid of me...not Edward Albee...not the man that lives in the glass house on Jak-A-ro....not that man

Hey Deters:

Sistah Souljah said:

Always remember to use your common sense

30 children in a classroom can overpower 1 racist white teacher or ignorant Black teacher in a classroom

500, unified tenants in a building are more powerful than 1 landlord

5000 unified inmates in a jail or prison are more powerful than 100 correction officers

100 unified workers are more powerful than 2 bosses

500 million Afrikans are more powerful than white supremacy, racism, and the entire Amerikkkan government