Monday, September 7, 2009

Driehaus jumps off President Obama’s coat tail on health care reform(UPDATE)

Driehaus Dog and Pony show around town. I will never forget the way Congressman Driehaus introduced himself to the Cincinnati Black community. It was with a jingle on Black radio. The jingle Dreeeehaaaaaaaaus, was a play on that famous song Brick house, by the Commodores. The song expresses the singers fascination at watching a woman who has a fab body. Driehaus’ jingle on the other hand--I’m not sure what purpose it served other than a lousy attempt to pander to black people. Many people, including myself, called into the radio station and expressed our disgust with the tacky political jingle commercial. Driehaus response to our complaints-- was to make us aware that a black guy working on his campaign came up with the idea. And? ____________________________________________________________________ There was some discourse in the community when some (a good many) black folks decided not to vote for Driehaus because of his stance on issues related to our communities. Still, Driehaus showed up at our churches and our parades. He kissed our babies and his “purple t-shirt staff--the black guys” were always present with him. (Don’t lie Bro. Powell you know you wore that purple t-shirt everywhere.) __________________________________________________________________ Driehaus is a likable guy who “dissed” Hamilton County persecutor Joe Deters. Dissing Deters earns a politician 20 brownie points in some of our political score books. (although I don’t vote in Driehaus’ district) . Also, one of his purple t-shirt guys warned me that Joe Deters was a dangerous man. But that’s a entirely different story. ___________________________________________________________________ Let me get back on topic. Back to Driehaus. He’s a likable guy. He's got that Charlie Winburn "it" factor. When he knocked off 14-year Republican veteran Steve Chabot. (By the way Chabot is a cranky SOB) in last years campaign race, many speculated, including the paper of record, that he rode President Obama’s coat tail. ___________________________________________________________________ Road the coat tail than hopped off. Driehaus is speaking at town hall meetings and stating that he’s does not support President Obama’s public option which is health care reform. Yet he sung a different tune to black folks last year, when he told every black person that would listen that he whole heartedly supported President Obama. Yet it's discouraging to some that Driehaus doesn't 100% support Presdient Obama on the health care issue. ___________________________________________________________________ If Driehaus has a problem with President Obama’s health care plan than he should do like President Obama suggested--come up with a better solution. He has not. Driehaus should also discuss the issue with President Obama behind closed doors. ____________________________________________________________________ A paragraph to Driehaus-- Soon you will reappear on Black radio. You'll be back at our churches and our meetings, and some of us will call you out on a variety of your campaign promises that you have yet to keep. (foreclosure, help eliminate sentence disparity) We will not forget. Black folks will Rememba next Novemba. Update: I heard from Congressman's Driehaus office. A man name John called me to clarify Congressman Driehaus position. He stated that the two versions of the bill on Driehaus' website (one is over one thousand pages and the other is 35 pages) are old versions of the bill. He stated that currently the bill is being re-written (watered down????) and that when that one is completed Driehaus would once again take a position on the bill. I appreciate Congressman Driehaus' office promptly returning my phone call. I called them last night, they called be back 1st thing this morning. ____________________________________________________________________ Check out the link below.