Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Must Go! (Wilson and Deters)

Joe has got to Go! (Wilson and Deters) Congressman Wilson. Wow. What a class-act. I've said this many times before on this blog--A man can put on a suit, comb his hair over--but if it walks like a duck, it’s a duck. Congressman Wilson’s behavior proves he is a re-thug-lican. (Not all Republicans are Re-thug-licans.) I found the below website while browsing the internet. Is it legit? Don’t know. I skimmed the site and saw a few things that caused me to assume the site is “bootleg” Anyway…. _____________________________________________________________________ A good Republican. I like Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. I do. I haven’t followed (too much) the latest controversy in which she allegedly questions if President Obama is an American citizen. I’m a constituent in Schmidt’s district. I’ve contacted her office regarding a few issues that I needed assistance with, and got the assistance. Having seen Congresswoman Schmidt around and about town, the last occasion being a Joe Deters protest, I recognize that she tends to agree with folks for agreement sake. I have her on video at the Kevin Dewine fundraiser dinner. In the video I approach her and give her my spiel about Dirty Deeds Deters. She takes my hand, pats it and shakes her head up and down, as I ramble on. Is she agreeing with me? Don’t know. I don’t take it as her agreeing with me, but placating me. Jean’s a Placater. Is that a word? My advice to Congresswoman Schmidt -- you can’t placate everyone. Be careful who you placate. It appears that a great many of these people that show up at town hall meetings aren’t the most sane individuals. _____________________________________________________________________ Teen admits guilt. Is this the same teen (won‘t use name to protect his privacy) that assumed that when one waives their rights, someone waves at you. Lord have mercy on this teen. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK Yes my heart goes out to the victim/s that was hit with the rock. I sent a prayer up for her. But I also pray for this teen who is the victim of the just-us system. ____________________________________________________________________ I also sent a prayer up for the newborn who was shot in the leg and in his “pair” in OTR a few days ago. Wow! I keep my tissue out. ___________________________________________________________________ A prayer for the family of the young teen that was stabbed in the back. My God, what is this world coming too? __________________________________________________________________ Happy Weekend Readers.