Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celeste Thomas high on weed when she was Tased?

Hey I didn't say it. I heard a caller on black radio state that he believes that it's possible that Ms. Thomas was high on weed. And also that Officer Tase-her was high on weed. Anyway, I dont' know what it is about Sundays (maybe listening to the Nathan Ive radio show) that my brain waves go into overdrive. I become sad and frustrated about so many things in the just-us system. Heeeeeeeeey, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MLK-- Joe Deters is the injustice in this town. He hasn't said a word about prosecuting Officer Tase-her. His silence sends a message to the black community that we don't matter. We matter. I'm really angry at Councilmember Thomas. He's a likable guy, a decent politician. I hate to write bad things about people. Especially men of color, because they get enough flack in this world. But I don't think Cecil has a pair. I don't. Hey Cecil, call Joe and take care of that whydon't ya?!

Please note the date of this post.  It was written a long time ago.  People change. People evolve.  I have.  Cecil has.  He's  great asset to the community.