Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Like Charlie Winburn,…but

It’s unanimous, CAJD really likes Charlie Winburn. I’ve wrote about him on this blog before and he really has the it-factor. The it-factor is what politicians need if they want to be elected or stay in office. But what’s up with this? THIS (see below) was posted on the Hamilton county republican website headed up by Alex M. Triantafillou (pronounced Tryingtofoolya) Monday, 8/31 -- Winburn fundraiser featuring Rob Portman at home of Joe and Barb Trauth. Winburn once told me it’s not about black or white, repub or democrat, it’s about Green….OK Winburn, don’t forget us when you get back on council and get them green SBE dollars. Because if you forget us, we will remember your @SS! (you’ll I’m really trying to stop writing curse words on this blog) ____________________________________________________________________________________ I was on the radio today with Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown, Bill Cunningham. I actually used my real name, but I didn’t use my real hood. I used the hood I grew up in (Avondale). Before I called in to the Uncle Bill show, Bill Cunningham was once again harassing the mayor, playing on the mayor’s phone. He called the mayor’s office and of course the mayor was unavailable. Why would he ever be available for a clown? I debated Bill about the police and the pending layoffs. I asked him why the police won’t take a 2% pay cut across the board. I asked him why they won’t take a 6 day furlough. His answer was, “I don’t know.” I asked him why the police can’t get rid of their horses. His answer was, “I like horses.” Yep, a jack ass would like horses. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Before my call Bill spoke with the lady that’s the head of the FOP. And she’s full of shit. I almost asked Bill to set-up a fight between her and I. But than I saw what happened to Eric Deters in that cage fight against a police office and I‘m scared to fight a cop. I’m a big girl, but that cop is a little bigger than me and she looks like she’d give a man a good fight. I be damned if she’s kicking my ass. Anyway I heard her previously state that if Officer Tase-her (will never call him Officer Plummer) was fired, she would fight on behalf of the FOP to get his job back. Today, she stated that the FOP convention was coming to Cincinnati in 2013. Lord have mercy. Just what we need 5,000 Tase-hers roaming about our communities. Don’t get me wrong, I like cops. There’s some good cops in my neighborhood. I had to summon them once or twice and they’ve been summoned on me once or twice. But whenever they came they were awesome. I’ve also met a few prick cops, but mostly I meet professional, good cops. Speaking of prick cops at that lawyer (Eric Deters) cage fight with that cop, those cops were wild. They were cursing and swearing and acting like drunk idiots. Now mind you everybody is always going around saying cops are fine Americans, some are, but some are assholes. Yet society, pricks like Joe Deters, refer to men of color as animals. In defense of my men of color, my black men, I will say that you are fine Americans. You have to be. Some in society treat you like shit. They lump you under a tent with a few of the knuckleheads and that’s not fair. Yet, young white men (watch the fight of Eric Deters and that cop on You tube) act like pricks (some not all), and they are put on a pedestal. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Enough of my ramblings. Enough of my rants. I’m signing off. No editing on this blog, not too much anyway.