Monday, September 14, 2009

Deters does not call Mother Murderer, an animal

Joe Deters face is starting to show wear and tear. Could it be that his lifestyle, his foul language, his practice of dishing out  double standard of justice is starting to catch up with him?  Anybody remember when Anthony Kirkland murdered Esme Kenney?    Her precious body barely made it to the morgue before Deters was out like a ravage-savage convicting Kirkland in the court of public opinion.  "He's an animal, " Joe screamed as he turned beet red. He couldn't get the words "death penalty" out of his "w" "c" licking lips  fast enough.  There is not one  among us that will not acknowledge that Kirkland committed a heinous act. His act was heinous. God will punish Kirkland.  Still, Joe had no right to convict Kirkland in the court of public opinion before he's convicted in the court of law.

Now comes the case of this John Strutz fellow.  Charged with killing his wife.  Charged with cutting her to pieces and beheading her.  Is he not an animal?  No, he is a human being who committed a heinous act.  God will punish Strutz. Maybe Joe's filthy mouth is too full of something...... to utter the word animal about a white man. 

And the reporter, Sharon Coolidge...I won't even go there today.

Click the link to read Sharon's article.

RIP Kenney and Ms. Strutz


Anonymous said...

Sharon Coolidge writes to many negative stories about people of color.