Friday, January 23, 2009

Deters/Washington D.C. Protest/Suggestions?

Man those folks in Washington know how to protest. Ain’t no protest like a Washington D.C. protest. Check out my pics. They gave me plenty of ideas of how to protest against Dirty Deeds Deters. However, our group is always open to suggestions. Suggestions?
Yes that's Cheney attached to Bush's...
You had to see this one to believe it. The picture doesn't do it justice. Read the words.
This is our protest from back in September. Notice the sign--Joe is a trick not a treat. Our next protest on Feb 13...we are going BIG TIME.
Yes... I know I look tired. It's hard standing up against Dirty Deters.


Anonymous said...

I think you oughta be pushing the Dean's point about Deters and the "joke" that Obama should be assasinated. That is a pretty harsh reality Deters needs to deal with.

FBK said...

I agree.

FBK said...

I agree. However, protesting is therapeutic. Yes, protesting helps me heal. Our group's goal is to challenge Deters with various approaches.