Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why won’t Deters repudiate mob picture?

Why won’t Deters repudiate mob picture? And is the Secret Service investigating Joe Deters? On the front webpage of “The Whistleblower,” a hardcore racist newsletter written by Cincinnatian Jim Schifrin. There is a picture of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. In the picture Deters looks like a freakin' mobster. The picture glorifies a Re-thug-lican lifestyle.
It appears Deters has not gotten his mind around the fact that any picture you take, any video you make, any comments you state, or the company you keep can cause you to lose your job, dignity, be investigated, and or prosecuted. Does Deters care?

It’s not unreasonable to believe that he does not. Also, Deters refuses to denounce his friendship with Schifrin who was reported to the secret service for his death threat jokes made against President Obama.


Anonymous said...

The picture isn't a mob picture - it's a spoof off the show Boston Legal (which I love where they always sit on the balconey of the law firm at the end of each program and talk about their triumphs of the day. It's a pretty progressive show where they promote interesting legal concepts; give a voice to discriminatory conduct; chastise the courts for unfairness; take on big corporations; etc.)

So, it's not a mob picture, but it sure looks like Deters is in for a visit from the secret service per the Beacon lololol

Also, Bronson did an article today talking about Cincinnati corruption (I didn't see a place to do the usual commentary) - it seems YOU got an inadvertent mention - it talked about Joe Must Go - but they were talking about another character from area history.

I thought it was interesting that Bronson doesn't even have a clue how corrupt his friends are or he certainly would have wrote about all their illegal antics of the past 20 years.

FBK said...

I haven't seen Boston Legal. Still looking at that picture the I can't help but think mobster. Or Deter's DemiGod attitude--I run this city. It's been reported that Deters is a crook and that's what comes to mind when I see that picture. Hey...if it walks like a duck.

Yes Bronson is clueless!
Yes wonder if Deters visit from Secret Service will make the Enquirer--doubt it!