Thursday, January 29, 2009

It won't keep him out of hell.

Every now and then Citizens Against Joe Deters must check in on Deters’ friends. Today the friend that we checked on was WLW hate-radio talk show host AKA Cincinnati’s best-loved (or most hated) Re-thug-lican clown (depending on who you talk to), Bill Cunningham. Cunningham was up to his usual President Obama bashing. Nothing new there. Later Cunningham’s displayed his soft side as he interviewed a woman with Pancreatic cancer. I believe the woman’s name was Karen. She is married and the mother of a set of 6 year-old twin girls, and a 7-year old boy. The woman sobbed as she talked about her battle with cancer and her struggle to pay bills, etc. She thanked Cunningham’s listeners for monetary support sent to her. As Cunningham has spent a life time practicing the art of idiocy--it was clear that he was struggling through the interview and trying not to ask silly questions. Last year I had a dear friend die of pancreatic cancer, almost immediately after being diagnosed. Hearing Karen’s story brought back memories and brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen and her family. I realize it’s doubtful that Karen will ever read this blog, still I’ve sent one up for her. Finally to Bill Cunningham, no matter how many good deeds you do-- it won’t keep you or your pal Joe Deters out of hell. I hope.


Anonymous said...

We need to pray for their souls ... because their minds are already burnt up in hell

FBK said...

I agree.