Saturday, June 12, 2010

Community: ARM Yourself against Joe Deters

Dear Beloved Community:

CAJD would like to jog your memory back to 2008, to a column that Joe Deters wrote in Gentleman's magazine. In that column Deters proclaims that there are parts of Cincinnati that have become so dangerous that he will not let his family members  go to those areas, more specifically black areas. CAJD's does not believe people of color, or poor whites, should go to his area--the courthouse.

Prosecutor Joe Deters is the danger that danger produced. He is the worst prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County. You the community, having been presented with that fact,--I would urge people of color not to go to court in Hamilton County. Community this is serious! You must arm yourself against that hate-monger. Knowledge is power. If you are scheduled to attend court in Hamilton County, demand that your court case be transferred out of the county run by the racist. Deters is an outright racist who has no problem putting a rope on a black man's neck. Yes, it is true that Deters has engaged in a modern day lynching or two (much more). As the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Deters never fails to exercise his discretion when it comes to white folks. With wealthy white folk, especially white hookers, he is as wild and free as the night he was busted humping that hooker in that car in Cleveland.

This is the same wild man that is free to dismiss a case for any reason or no reason at all. That, my dear Blog Reader, will only apply if one is wealthy, white, or well-connected. At least two of the aforementioned should apply. Jodi Edwards baked baby Jenna Edwards in her car as she went to teach at a Christian college. Deters used his discretion and did not charge that woman. The Strutz killer cut his wife, Kristan Strutz, cousin of Commissioner Todd Portune,  into pieces.  Next he portion-pieced her corpse, out of the house while their children were present, in garbage bags.   Deters proclaimed such an act did not warrant the death penalty. When mentally ill Anthony Kirkland, caught the little jogger, Esme Kenney, in the park with Doritos, Ipod, and fancy new watch-- he did horrific things to her, things that were so bad that Deters came out of hiding from the cushy Phen-Phen law offices, to play Top Prosecutor. With Kirkland’s conviction, Deters got another notch under his belt, and more semen on his national resume.

Deters is a very dangerous man. While his left hand may remain clutched to the  prostitutes vagina, his right foot stays on the black man’s throat. He is free to file charges against a defendant if he believes the charges can be proven in court, and even if they can’t, he can still file charges so long as probable cause exist ( the practice known as overcharging a black man).

Now comes the case of Lionell Dangerfield. Dangerfield is charged with killing a baby, a twin, Zhi Merah's. Deters wants to give the black man the death penalty. CAJD does not know the circumstances behind this case. Anytime a precious baby dies, we extend our condolences. We also question why Dangerfield, a black man, face is plastered on the page of the local paper, the paper of record, with the headline: Deters- Death for baby killer. Why does Dangerfield and Kirkland get death, and Strutz gets to sit in prison for 26 years to life. And why does precious baby Jenna, who baked as if she was in a microwave, mother get to resume her life?  Color? These are the questions we must asks ourselves community, when we boycott the Hamilton County courthouse. Arm yourself because your life depends on it.

CAJD’s urges the community to arm themselves against the black people’s persecutor. Don’t go to court. Don’t pass go.


(cajd does not support the death penalty, extends our condolences to murdered babies, jogger- teen, and portion-pieced mother.)
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