Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Council member Laurie Q - does not report to you!

Black people! Or does she?

Laurie Q - does not report to you Black people!

CAJD is concerned about the interview that aired on Lincoln Ware's TV show on Sunday, June 13 on Star 64, which is Channel 11 if you have Time Warner Cable.

In that interview Quinlivan appeared to be disconnected and unconcerned about issues that plague the black community. As a loud mouth - tea party -ish Rethuglican--black people are use to Ghiz antics and her voting record on policies that are anti-black people. However, blacks appear willing to give new kid on the block, Quinlivan, a chance to prove that she cares about all communities. Her interview with Ware proved otherwise.

Does Quinlivan believe that a smarter policy needs to be in place in regards to the city hiring ex-offenders that have paid their debt to society? Will she vote to support a fair hiring policy?

Does she realize that minority contracts from the city SHOULD include black people, or is she only concerned about contracts being awarded to women?

Does she believe in big business as usual? I.e. her support of streetcar?

CAJD is terribly sorry that we never have enough time to fully explore issues raised on this blog. However, we put the information out hoping that you, the community, will follow-up. Together, we can make a difference!

CAJD ask it's Blog readers to contact Quinlivan and ask her to clarify her interview with Ware.

Her  Office is 346B at City Hall, 801 Plum St, 45202

Phone: 352-5303. Email: Laure.Quinlivan@cincinnati-oh.gov