Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday -- PUNK

Good morning Blog readers:

The punks know who they are.  They are scared to stand for something (principal-purpose-cause).  They let certain people turn the water hoses on them, and beat them upside the head, and they never fight back.  They are always in search of acceptance--which they will never get.  That's a tough reality to face.  They don't like or respect you no matter what you do. Yet, you continue to kiss their butts.  While they kick you in the butt.  Thump, whack.  You idiot.

I'd rather die fighting than die a coward. 

Think about Fox News. Think about the GOP and some Dems, think about Deters. Do you think they/he give a rat's ass if you like them?  They step on your throats and you open wide while they piss in your mouth. Then you thank them. 

One day you will see.