Saturday, October 30, 2010

Deters wants to give White man death penalty...HMMM and NEW VIDEO

Whaaaat... Deters wants to give a white man the death penalty?  Anyone else notice that this and this comes on the heels of our protest on Friday?  Hmmmm.
The negative press that we are bringing is hurting Deters.  Good job community.  Keep up the pressure.  Call Deters' office at 946.3000, and tell him that RICH people don't get the death penalty.  Tell him to stop dishing out double standard justice to poor whites and people of color.  CAJD does not condone crime, and certainly not for people that harm children. Yet, we believe in fair sentences.  BTW, Deters has never been prosecuted for paying  the prostitute in Cleveland for oral sex.  Remember when Deters threatened to sue me over this truth?