Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nata Webster is Deters black neighbor/Deters' math

Nate Webster, is charged with 3rd degree felonies and has a bond as if he were charged with aggravated murder. One million dollars bond for Nate. Could it be that Joe Deters is offended that Nate lives in his neighborhood (.3 miles away) and wants to make sure Nate doesn't return to "ruin" Joe's half million dollar neighborhood?

CAJD's does not  condone Nate's
Alleged   behavior.  We Despise Deters behavior (racism, lover of hookers, waste of taxpayers money - Tracie Hunter case)

Joe must go!

Deters' math.

A Cincinnati firefighter charged similarly to Nate received a $10,000.00 bond -- but he was doing his business in Lincoln Heights and what does Joe care about the people in Lincoln Heights?.........Deters does not like black people.