Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death of a black man--"Lesson before frying"

Grant,  I mean Anthony Kirkland--

You are “youman” You are human.

You are also the hate that hate produced. Persecutor Joe Deters called you an animal and a monster. Prosecutor Piepmeir called you a "piece of shit." They prosecuted you in the public before you were  convicted in the court of law.

The crimes you have been convicted of are heinous and unimaginable. We know that mentally ill people do mentally ill shit. One  man, (Commssioner Portune's cousin) cut up his wife and portioned her body pieces out in garbage bags, while her  children were at home. Another young man bludgeon his sibling to death with a baseball bat.  Splattered his brains everywhere and later washed his hands in the MacBeth foutain in Hyde Park--They  get to go to the Summit center. You Kirkland, become a notch under a persecutor's belt.  Did the persecutor really go to law school to call you childish names? 

Hamilton County has condemned more men to death than any other county. 88 counties. Mostly poor. Mostly black.

Shame on you Joe Deters.