Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Williams does not plan to pay legal bill? Triantafilou a bleeping idiot?

Triantafilou blames Hunter’s tactics for potentially costing taxpayers the large legal bill.

“She decided to sue us in federal court,” Triantafilou said, noting she could have done it in state court where the Ohio Supreme Court already has ruled favorably for the board and Williams – a decision Hunter appealed to federal court."

We are trying to control the potty mouth on this blog, but is Hamilton County Republican chair Alex Triantafilou,  the dumbest (bleepity, bleep, bleep). On earth?  Re read the above quote by him.  Why would anybody take an action that didn't guarantee the best outcome for self? 

Now this blog has no beef with John Williams, but we do question his association with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (Birds of a feather?). But read  his comment below. Is he planning to skip out of paying his legal bill?  Isn't that illegal?

In talking about his lawyers, Williams wouldn’t comment on how much his legal bills are or who will pay them, but said, “If those legal bills ever get paid ...” before ending his comment unfinished.

The above comments were taken from the paper of record. It was posted online on Sunday March 11, 2012.  We are trying to refrain from posting links from that site.
We don't want a virus.

And is the reporter Kimball Perry the biggest (bleep) that ever lived?  His facts are wrong  in the article -  it's over 800 (not the 300 he reported) re: provisional ballots. And there would have been more had they stopped counting after the first 10,000.

In this order....Deters, Triantafilou, Perry.   What a trio?

Word to the local GOP - state laws would have blacks back in slavery - like Deters Jim Crow type lynchings.