Saturday, March 26, 2011

John Harmon - Joe Deters, "criminal" criminal attorney

Today is a sad day in Hamilton County.
A sad, sad, day.

John Harmon's life, according to the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Joe Deters, is no more important than that of a dog. 

He was beaten.
He was tased.
He was chained.
He urinated on himself.
He was hospitalized.

And Joe Deters hires a taser attorney to use data from false reports to say that the sheriffs thugs did nothing wrong.

Community we have a petition to run that Deters out of town. Email us your contact info and we will mail a petition to you for you to collect sigs.

Google Joe Deters.  Google him.  Email-write-or call the persecutor, tell him that  he's wrong and that he's not going to get away with his continued hate of the African American community.

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