Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't tase me Bro! (Councilman Thomas’ daughter)

I’m curious, are you like CAJD and want to know more details about what happened with the arrest of Councilman Cecil Thomas’ daughter, Celeste Thomas? Officer Plummer, has to be kicking himself today. If we’re being real--no respectable cop would EVER Tase a young woman in her back. That’s such a cowardly thing to do. _________________________________________________________________ More realness. Why Ms. Thomas was driving around with an open bottle of vodka? Why didn’t she leave the bottle at her house? That would be too much like "right", I get that. How can the vodka be open, if it’s under the seat of the car? Or do they mean open as in, the bottle had been opened? Still, that seems like a ridiculous law. Is it really illegal to carry a partially used bottle of Acc Acc…alcohol… uh, liquor in your car? ___________________________________________________________________ I’ve seen Councilman Thomas around town, and I’m always badgering him to do more to help ex-offenders, help themselves. Ex-offenders that have paid their debt to society and want another chance to become productive citizens. The councilman is always ready and willing to engage in dialogue. Still, CAJD’s believes he has more of a cop mentality, than the mentality of a brotha who understands the plight of young men of color who look like him. Have the chickens come home to roost on Thomas? Let's hope not. _____________________________________________________________________ The only thing that’s worst than being tased in the back, is being shot in the back. The officer probably assumed that he caught this young woman from the wrong side of the tracks in Walnut Hills, with her thugged-out boyfriend, and that it was OK if he shot a billion voltages of lightening in her back. Ouch. After all who cares about black, po' folks? However, the cop didn’t know the young, black woman that he tased in the back was Cecil Thomas’ daughter. Cecil Thomas, former cop, former cop who sued the police department because he couldn’t get promoted, Current councilmember, and all around likable guy. The police office has got to want to Tase...uh kick himself today. ____________________________________________________________________ Some advice to police officers, prosecutors, etc. Treat everyone, everyone, with respect. Everyone who commits a crime should be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice. How the hell do you Tase someone in the back? Some advice to my sistah, keep you accc acccc alcohol at home. Don’t let young men who have burglary charges, or any charges, drive your car. Try to get in the house by 11:30 pm. Obey police officers, get their badge numbers, but listen to them. And please, and this is really, really important, PLEASE stay the HELL out of the Joe Deters JUST-US system. (disclaimer- we like to have a little fun on this blog, but our heartfelt prayers go out to this young lady. We also recognize that there are good law enforcement officers and others , who treat all citizens fairly, regardless of race, class, or gender.)

Please note the date of this post.  It was written a long time ago.  People change. People evolve.  I have.  Cecil has.  He's  great asset to the community.