Thursday, July 2, 2009

From my beloved son Andrew

Andrew's thoughts My high school economic teacher had a poster on the wall of his classroom that read, “ most people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan. Those eleven words that have stuck with me till this very day because the reality and the truth of those words have never been more evident than now. I’ve been on a planned road my entire life since my child hood, early teens, and young adult. I became even more conscious of that road the summer before my senior year of high school, and even more so during the two years that I attended college. The moment I found myself at a fork in the road, away from the planned path that I had been traveling on for those 3 plus years, away from the mapped route, onto a detour that put me on a path that was unknown to me, and one that will postpone the destination for a while. What I did and why I did it (committed the robberies) will be explained throughout the reading of this book (which was written by mother by the way, thanks mom) and hopefully after reading this book people should get a better understanding of me and the difficult challenges that young Black men are confronted with each day. Hopefully it will help some to understand…. (the above writing is not in the book) Andrew was stuck at this point. He read me his thoughts over the phone from the prison. I typed his words as he read them to me today, and I posted above. It seems that Andrew is using writing to channel some of the things that he’s going through. It was our intention to write the book together. However, that never happened. But I did my best to keep Andrew updated on the book. He would add material (via the spoken word) from time to time. Book is unleashed July 15. Check back on this blog for location of local pub that all can come out, hang out, chill out… NO EDITING ON THIS BLOG. WE GIVE IT TO ya RAW.