Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vote No! Cincinnati City Issue 22 (parks levy)

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Vote No!  Cincinnati City Issue 22 (parks levy)

I was in a grocery store the other day when I ran into a former church member who I’ll call Dee.  She was at the bling machine AKA known as the loud ass Coinstar machine.  A Coinstar machine is one that lets you turn your loose change into cash for a whopping 9.8 % fee.  You don’t have to use the machine but it beats the hassle of getting wrappers and taking the money to the bank or the embarrassment of standing in line paying for grocery items with $50. 00 worth of loose change.

Ask me how CAJD knows?

As I approached Dee I found myself screaming to talk over the pinging machine.  I threw out a joke, “Hey you are at my favorite place in the store.”

We both laughed.  I didn’t want to make her feel embarrassed for “coining in” and I certainly had no room to talk as years back I also turned my coins into cash to buy groceries.

Some who save coins these days don’t do it to put towards a savings and instead coins are sometimes saved just in case…just in case I need some groceries or just in case I need to put some gas in my car to get to work.

It’s still hard for a lot of people.

This brings me to why CAJD is advising people to vote NO on Cincinnati City issue 22 (parks levy)

Taxed enough already.  There are some people who cannot afford to pay another increased property tax.  Not even $35.00.   No on issue 22.

Breathing fresh air is one of the last free things we have in America (unless of course you are Eric Garner). Across this country there are talks to sell parks to the gas and oil industries.  One can’t help but wonder if allowing private corporations to buy parks will make them less inclined to fight to reduce dangerous air pollution.  No on issue 22.

Parks are for our enjoyment and education.  People have family reunions and family barbecues at parks.  Everyone does not have a large backyard that will accommodate their entire family.  Parks are a free place where the village can gather for quality time.  Our tax dollars should not be used to pay for parks if there are no guarantees that there will not be park entry fees.  No on issue 22.
We don’t need advertisements in parks.  It’s bad enough that we are bombarded with advertising 24-7.  Nobody wants to go to the Walmart Park.  Or the Mayor John Cranley (re-election campaign) Pavilion.  Or the Christopher Smitherman picnic area.   No on issue 22.

We don’t need corporations messing around with our parks.   What’s next a “sponsor” for the Department of Justice?  Then it would really be the Department of Just-Us.  No on issue 22.

We don’t need politicians or private companies bringing super PACs to our parks.   No on issue 22.

It would kill philanthropy. Gone will be the days in which people donate with no strings attached.   No on issue 22.

It will would lead to conflict of interests.  The parks cannot serve two masters.  If you sponsor the park will only certain people be allowed in it? No Blacks or no gays allowed.  No on issue 22.

The money isn’t just going to parks. It’s also going to buildings.  I hear Mayor John Cranley is bringing a movie theater to the Westside with some of the park money.   No on issue 22.

Mayor Cranley would control the money.  No one man should have that much power.  No on issue 22.

How will you vote on this issue?  Do tell in the comments section below.

FBK is a writer and the unapologetic founder of Citizens against Joe Deters.  She often finds it necessary to keep it real regarding race and politics. She bleeds purple and the ONLY vote she’s casting is for Criminal Justice Reform