Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bye Bye Bronson

ome of us bloggers saw it coming. Peter “cotton tail” Bronson gets the boot from the Enquirer. I’m not sure if he got fired (after the Cincinnati Beacon exposed him), was laid-off, took a permanent furlough or what happened. I’m not happy about Peter being gone from the Enquirer. Peter Bronson (PB) is the guy I love to hate. Peter took a jab at me in one of his columns. He wrote “Some people turn their anguish into prayers and let it go like a kite. Some wear it every day like a pair of tight shoes. And some beat it into a weapon on an anvil of white-hot anger.” Fuck you Peter. Now that you have some time off will you restart your relationship with Rebecca? Mike Allen’s former “squeeze.” I like Mike Allen. At least I like him a lot better than Joe Deters. At least Mike admitted that he was a horny whore humper. In that same column Bronson took a jab at Joe Deters. He criticized him for being a part-time Prosecutor with a conflict of interest job. Right on Peter. I’ll miss you Pete. I’ll miss reading your columns every now and then-- and jumping on your bootleg blog where you would unleash your right wing extreme hate. Seriously, best of luck you old fart.