Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why won’t Joe Deters go on Black radio?

For those of you that don’t know, the local black talk radio station in Cincinnati is WDBZ the Buzz (1230 am). Lincoln Ware host a talk radio show between the hours of 10am -2pm. Lincoln Ware often gets request from callers to have Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters come on his show to talk on a variety of topics that concern our communities. After Jodi Edwards left her baby in a hot mini-van for 8 hours Joe Deters did phone in to Lincoln’s show and take a few calls. One of the calls came from me. But he didn’t even show Lincoln nor his listeners the courtesy of coming into to station. Yet, he often makes a in person visit down the dial on WLW radio. Since that call in interview Lincoln's Guest have repeatedly requested to Lincoln over the airwaves that he bring his good friend Joe Deters on his show. A month or two ago Deters told Lincoln that he would come to the show after he finished up a big case that he was working on. After losing the big court case at the job where he double dips at, Stan Chesley’s law firm, he still has yet to return to Lincoln’s show. Everybody that is anybody, or nobody, goes on Lincoln’s show. Especially when they want something from the black community. Something like a vote. ___________________________________________________________________ On Thursday July 24, 2009-- Deters appeared as a guess on Bill Cunningham’s show. Cunningham was off but the fill-in host Eric Deters (no relation), had Joe “TNT” Deters as a guest. ___________________________________________________________________ Deters owes it to the black community to come on black radio. That’s seems to be a chief complaint against Deters in the Cincinnati Black community. The complaint being that Deters dislikes and often disrespects the black community with his reckless comments, such as calling black men animals, over prosecuting and over sentencing black defendants and refusing to apologize for his crude and dishonest behavior. Deters hasn’t gotten along with many in the Cincinnati black community for some time. He seems to not care about how the black community feels about how he is doing his job. It would seem that the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County would at least make an effort to improve relations between himself and the black community. What do you think? Email me your thoughts at SOON I'LL OPEN THIS BLOG BACK UP TO COMMNETS. I THINK THE GUY THAT CALLED ME A BLACK KOON IS LONG GONE AND NO LONGER STALKING.