Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Attorney David Singleton has got a pair!

Too bad I don't. If I had a pair (yes, woman can have a pair, to have a pair means that one has courage) what would I do......????? Suuuuuure I play tough on this blog-- but the truth is if I ever saw Joe Deters in person I think that I would faint. Actually, I'm a pretty tough person for speaking out against Deters even after he sent his HDIC after me. I will never apologize for speaking out against the broke down just-us system. In Bruce Wright's book Black Robes, White Justice he writes, Those in the system--whether prisoners, jailors or judges-- who dare speak of rehabilitation are regarded as wild-eyed speculators about the human spirt. They are accused of having more concern for the criminal than for the victims of crime." I've said this time and time and time again--I believe that each individual should take responsibility for their actions. If they do the crime--they must pay their debt to society. But I will forever speak out against over prosecuting, sentencing, against attorneys that whisper to their poor clients, "take the deal." I'll forever speak out against a Prosecutor who makes a back door deal then leaves out the front door. Who _____ in the back seat of a car (allegedly). Who calls black people animals..... I don't allow people to leave comments on my blog anymore. I stopped that after one person called me a black Koon (they spelled it like that). Nor do I edit, really. But a while back when I allowed comments here is a comment that someone left that explains why blacks and poor whites get fucked in the criminal just-us system Now, the disparity in application is that poor people or minorities often lead much more difficult lives, take greater risks because they have less to lose, and come from stressful environments that lower people's inhibitions to violate social norms and laws - and so they do. This isn't necessarily a reflection of their moral character. So, Blacks and the poor have fewer opportunities to apply the "shock parole" to them because they are bound to have more contacts with the court system before a major offense. It's not fair, it's not right and it's not equal treatment to fail to consider the so called "mitigating circumstances" that promote anti social behavior from this sector of the population. Anywaaaaays ...If I had courage I probably would have asked David Singleton to write the foreward in my book. Or to say a few words at my book reception in August. I really admire Attorney Singleton for having the courage to criticize Joe Deters. Criticizing is different from an attack. One can criticize and not attack.
Is Joe Deters a whore humping pimp?