Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Early HUMP day GIFT for Doe Jeters

Hamilton County Persecuting Office
It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the Persecutor has stumbled or where the path of his dirty deeds lead. The credit belongs to the attorney who actually told me that Deters got busted humping the hooker in the backseat of the car in Cleveland.

Her face might have been marred by sweat and cum. Did he strive to protect her valiantly when they were busted by the cop. He who errs and continues to come up short again and again. Who knows the great devotions; who spends themselves a worthy cause.

Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with timid souls who know never see defeat. I have done my part.

I have fought long and hard. And not just for my son. It has always been the needs of the people that I have placed first and foremost. Knowledge is Power.

Exposure can compel action, even if through shaming those who should have NOT acted immorally, unethically or illegally.

Deters' my pastor always says, "be sure your sins will find you out."

Coming soon!

FBK is a black writer who speaks truth to power. 


Anonymous said...

Why would a cop from Cleveland save Deters' Ass? You better have all you I's dotted and T's crossed on this one. But you probably have the best defense against libel, you don't have anything for Deters to take.

FBK said...

You're right. He can't take my dignity. He can't take my OZ brains. He can't take my Big Black organizational skills. I'd have every org. in this town on his behind like butter on rice. I've got attorneys and reporters waiting for Deters. They check in on most days. "Has Deters come after you yet?" He HASN'T because he can't.

He can't take my degrees. He can't take my book. He can't take my community away from me. Deters can't silence me! You cannot silence me!

And you anonymous poster, what do you have. Hate. Racism? Limbaugh? You a Ditto head?

Why are you mad anon? Are you a hooker humper?

Jazzy said...

What part of a missile up Deter's ass did he not understand. Like Whoppe said in the movie the color purple when she put her two fingers up against her abuser, everything you've done to me has already been done. Yo baby boy locked up. My man locked up. Deter free but he a crook. That don't even make sense. Pay to play politics, pay to play hos. And all the kings horses and all the racist decrepit GOP rethuglican men could not put Deters reputation back together again.
All Republicans aren't rethuglicans.

Run tell dat.

Anonymous said...

Yeeeeea...you tell dat Jazz. Mo fo gunna kick Deters in the Hizzy with da Shizzy.....chump don't want da help, chump don't get da help! Joe mus go mofo!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be taking the same path that Joy Rolland took...

plese don't.....

Hitler is like Deters said...

Never met Joy Rolland and never met CAJD. But have followed both their stories.

Never met Joe Deters and never met Hitler. But caring the advocacy work that CAJD does to Rolland's tirade.

Is like comparing Joe Deters to Hitler. He's bad to the bones. However Deters is not as bad to the bones as Hitler.

What's the comparison other than blog owner is black and female? Really. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

I hear Joe is building gas ovens at the courthouse. Watch out Judge Greenberg!!!!