Monday, July 6, 2009

Unleashing the book...Releasing Joe Deters (Told ya I was going to write it Joe)

___________________________________________________________________ He robbed a bank for college tuition. That's what my 19-year old college student son told Judge Steve Martin at the Hamilton County Courthouse when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison--more years in prison than he’d been alive. What would make a seemingly normal young man commit such a life-altering act? Why? Why would Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters make a 12 year back door deal then leave out the front door? Did Joe really fuck the hooker in the car in Cleveland? Is he really screwing his mother-in-law? Who else has Joe Deters screwed? Sorry folks none of that garbage in my book. Although I discuss the topic of the hooker in the car in Cleveland because it’s part of unleashing then releasing Joe Deters.
This book was written to help young men (especially young men of color) to not fall off that dangerous cliff that has no fence (read the parable)