Saturday, July 25, 2009

UPDATE ON BOOK (with Joe Deters chapter) and thoughts on Harvard Professor arrest

On Friday July 24th a few of the Citizens Against Joe Deters crew was out and about in downtown Cincinnati. They had the t-shirts on, and they carried our large ‘Buy the Book’ posters (by the way they look great, we had them made at a local printing store), that promoted the book, and they handed out lot’s of flyers. The book is doing very well considering the only way to get a copy is through the underground railroad AKA through the mail or to catch us on location somewhere. Po Box 826 Milford, Ohio 45150 __________________________________________________________________ A few of us will be back in downtown Cincinnati with books in tow on Monday July 27, 2009. You can catch us somewhere between the courthouse and fountain square. If you want us to meet you at a specific location in downtown please send an email and we will try to accommodate you. ____________________________________________________________________ On Wednesday July 29, 2009, I will be on the Lincoln Ware show on 1230 am the Buzz. The call in line is 513.749.1230 if any of you want to give me a shout out. Haters need not call. _____________________________________________________________ I can picture Harvard Professor Gates being really tired, really cranky, just getting back in the country from China, needing to take a dump, needing to take a shower when the cop rolled up on him. I picture the cop as having a big ego and something to prove. It appears the cop acted on emotion and didn’t necessarily follow proper procedure. Something about his interview with the reporter suggested to me that he’s a cop with a chip on his shoulder. C'mon apologize maaaaan. Anyway, I can see Professor Gates raising a thousand dollars worth of hell because he was tired and his home was not home- sweet- home. I don’t get why President Obama apologized. Oh well, that’s my take. FYI there’s a chapter in my book titled Dear President Obama. President Obama needs to quit apologizing (love him and will express my opinion) and the cop should have apologized. What the hell. The cop will only be in the spotlight maybe just this once. Apologizing would have shown class and less cop attitude.