Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe Deters, P-T Persecutor admits CLUELESSNESS

The biggest story on the news today was going to be that of the youth, Terron Tolliver, accused of throwing the rock- if he would be tried as an adult. However, his case was postponed and the status quo news media barely touched the story that the 18-year old frightened boy, Joseph Burdine, that was also accused of throwing the rock was released because of lack of evidence.
HCP Joe Deters goes down the dial and admits to that paid clown that he is clueless. That's right the p-t whore humping Persecutor said that the police department did not speak with him before they HELD A PRESS CONFERENCE IN FRONT OF Burdine's HOUSE AND GAVE HIM A MEDIA LYNCHING JOE DETERS' STYLE.
Joe the Prosecutor with the part-time conflict of interest job, admitted that his part-time status as Prosecutor prevents him from knowing that police officials are dishing out newspaper lynchings right under his nose. WTF?
Lincoln Ware (1230 am the Buzz) reported to his faithful listeners (mostly Black) that Joe would come on his show and speak with them on a number of topics. Joe claimed that he would be a guest on the show when he was finished with the BIG case that he lost, which now has him considering again running for Prosecuter in 2012.
Joe has yet to come on the show. Does Joe Deters like Black people?