Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Book - The Injustice They Don't want us to talk about

"Why don't you go focus on crime in your community--you know the Black on Black crime. Don't worry about Joe Deters." You see my friends they want us to talk about the injustices in our communities. They want us to call it Black on Black crime. They want us to call a spade a spade. I don't have a problem with speaking out against young men in my community that harm or rob other young men in my community that look like they could be my cousin, son, or nephew. I speak out about it and I work to find solutions. Ohhhhhh, but that other form of injustice, the form that minorities and poor whites get served raw in the criminal just-us system, if they aren't White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected. They want us to forever hold our peace on that type of injustice. I won't. Never have. Never will. Al Sharpton said some folks need to go from the morgue to the cemetery (skip the funeral) because they've never done anything for anybody in their entire life. So true. That won't be me.