Friday, January 2, 2009

What is a Prosecutor to do when he's finished in Politics?

Get a second job! So Joe-the-Prosecutor has found himself a second gig? I guess it was a smart move considering rumors are floating that he’s finished in politics because of a Deter Dirty Deeds Laundry List of reasons. Read the story below to see who hired Joe. Now I don’t know much about that law firm, except that one of the lawyers, Chesley, gave some money to help with Obama’s inauguration. Still, I’m going to send a letter to the firm making them aware of their foolish decision to hire Good Ole’ boy Joe. Below I’ve posted some of my favorite comments that I read on the paper of record website about Joe-the-Prosecutor. Skylight wrote Deters took the Proscutor's job only because hewas run-out as Treasurer ( Pay to Play). He has beenwanting out for years. When McCain lost he had to go plan B. Cincyman1 wrote Joe Deters is card carrying, certified piece of human feces. Bottomdrawer wrote I'm sure this hire by Chesley was purely based on merit and has nothing to do with the political benefits of having the head Hamiton County prosecutor as your "employee." Odd that a Democrat is buying a Republican, but I like where Stan's head is at. He's crazy like a fox. Greg Myers wrote The county can 'ill afford' to have a part-time employee running the prosecutors office. If Deters wants to work for Stan Chesley, then go don’t let the door hit you in the a$$. At this critical time, we want a person in that office that is 100% focused on that leadership position. Greg Myers