Friday, January 2, 2009

Call attorney Stan Chesley!

I’m torn to pieces that Chesley’s law firm (Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley) has hired the Pay-to-Play Prosecutor Joe Deters. Our organization's mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. If Chesley’s firm, The FIRM, took Deters on full-time than Deters would no longer be the Prosecutor. But on the other hand I’m worried about how many clients Joe’s gonna screw working for Chesley’s firm. Anyway I’m posting Chesley’s law firm information below in case anyone wants to call them and tell them that they made a bad decision in hiring Joe Deters and that his firm is too good to be associated with the Top Prosecutor. I’m trying to take the high road. I really am. But one of our groups goals this year is to hold public servants accountable for their actions. Joe Must Go! Email, fax or call Attorney Stan Chesley. Telephone: (513) 621-0267Fax: (513) 621-0262Cincinnati Office


Anonymous said...

Shoot - instead of calling and asking them to NOT hire Deters - instead, let's ask Cheatin' Chesley to hire Deters FULL TIME so we can be rid of him for good. Cheatin' Chesley (and I mean that in more ways than one) and Dirty Deeds Deters along with all the rest of the has been, washed up elected officials that drove this country, state, and region into the current state of economic disaster amid corruption - they deserve each other.
Say it isn't so Joe? Say it is - go Joe, go full time buddy and take your cronies with ya.

FBK said...

Yes. Good Riddance Joe! Don't let the door hit you on your way out and take your cronies with you.

Dirty D. And Cheating C.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

From Ohio Revised Code... Sounds like a project for CAJD:

309.05 Removal of prosecuting attorney for neglect or misconduct.
On complaint, in writing, signed by one or more taxpayers, containing distinct charges and specifications of wanton and willful neglect of duty or gross misconduct in office by the prosecuting attorney, supported by affidavit and filed in the court of common pleas, the court shall assign the complaint for hearing and shall cause reasonable notice of the hearing to be given to the prosecuting attorney of the time fixed by the court for the hearing. At the time so fixed, or to which the court adjourns the hearing, the court shall hear the evidence adduced by the complainants and the prosecuting attorney. The court may consider motions for judgment on the pleadings made pursuant to Civil Rule 12, motions to dismiss made pursuant to Civil Rule 41, and motions for summary judgment made pursuant to Civil Rule 56 that are filed before the hearing. If it appears that the prosecuting attorney has willfully and wantonly neglected to perform the prosecuting attorney’s duties, or has been guilty of gross misconduct in office, the court shall remove the prosecuting attorney from office and declare the office vacant. Otherwise the complaint shall be dismissed, and the court shall render judgment against the losing party for costs.

If a complaint to remove a prosecuting attorney is dismissed because the complainant or complainants failed to file an affidavit in support of the complaint, the dismissal shall be without prejudice.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 09-16-2004

FBK said...

I think you’re doing a great job, giving time and space to a needed topic. I don’t know how your money situation is but, if you ever need ideas on topics you can email me personally. Usually for the cost of a public record request – you can get a lot of info that can be put into a post. Some thoughts might be to see how many people in county gov’t are related to joe. You know his mother in law is the appellate judge Sylvia hendon, right? It might be interesting to do a little research on his family tree and find out how many are employed by taxpayers in the various depts. Of the county, including who gets internships.
Another topic might be what does deters administrative staff look like – maybe seeing who and how many employees he has, then how many cases each has tried in the last year or two or three.
For fun, you could ask for a copy of deters calendar for the last year and the expense accounts of all his staff, even including cell phone bills.
Who knows what might turn up – I wonder if he gets a county car and how that calendar compares to it.

Anyway – these are just some ideas. No need to ask for everything at once. Just pick a topic and make the record request – you can even ask to “view” the records before paying for copies, then after you view them if you want them, pay for what you want. The Ohio Public Records Act was my favorite tool when I had time to research different issues.

(The above comment was sent to me via my email and I’m thankful to all who comment and email suggestions.)

FBK said...

Thank you to the Dean and others who provide information. I find it extremely, extremely, helpful!

This is not going to be Joe Deters year!

Anonymous said...

Be careful - don't jump the gun. This isn't an easy task and it IS expensive on both the front end and back, personally and financially.