Monday, May 12, 2014

Will Cincinnati be selected to host RNC Convention 2016?

The Cincinnati Republican Party submitted 155 pages of information needed to satisfy the RNC’s 47-point checklist – the information submitted along with the subcommittee visit this past April is part of a screening process to determine which of the six cities under consideration will get the honor of hosting the Republican National Convention in 2016.  Also, on the short-list are Cleveland, Kansas, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas.
If Cincinnati makes the next round of cuts, it will then receive visits from the full 17-member committee in late May or June.
As a Cincinnatian, I am extremely honored that Cincinnati might have the possibility to bring 35,000 old white men, 5,000 buck dancing black men and up to $200 million to our economy.
In case GOP Chair Alex Triantifilou (pronounced trifling as he wants to be) may have overlooked any wonderful details about our city, I am offering up this post to provide more information – and the top ten facts about Cincinnati that may aide in us being selected as the town to host the RNC 2016 convention.

Cincinnati is full of Republicans who represent the moral majority of good fine Christians. They don’t tolerate hypocrisy - just ask Pastor and Judge Tracie Hunter. 
Cincinnati is full of Republicans who are hardworking and who pursue the American Dream, who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and started a business.  They don’t tolerate hypocrisy or those that take welfare - just ask restaurateur Liz Rogers, owner of Mahogany’s on theBanks.

Cincinnati is full of Republicans who will not tolerate lewd and insidious people just ask Larry Flynt and Robert Mapplethorpe and that group….what’s was the name again?  Citizens for Community Values?  I’m pretty sure every Republican that is anyone signed their name to that list. Google “prostitution ban in Cincinnati”. Still looking for signatures.
Cincinnati has a big tent for everyone including, the black tea-party Republican Ken Anderson, and any one from the LGBT community that wants shelter under the tent.
Cincinnati has polarizing figures that will say anything about the black community to meet the “dog out black people talking point quota”.  Google Christopher Smitherman.  
Cincinnati is full of Republicans who will not tolerate hoes. Prostitutes, escorts or highly paid arm pieces like V. Stiviano, uh, maybe.  Google Hamilton County Republican Joe Deters and his prostitute in Cleveland.
Cincinnati has a great Republican chair, albeit not well-liked but he knows how to chop the head off the opponent and win turkey of the year.  Google it.
Cincinnati has great safety for the Republicans. You don’t have to worry about your safety because this town will lock your ass up in a New York minute if you are not in the right zip code or you aren’t the right skin color.  That’s right, you don’t have to worry about the darkies, the homeless,  the homo’s,  the crackies, crazies, or heroineeees,, attacking you.
Cincinnati has great radio that Republicans will love: WLW 55 KRC and Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW.
Cincinnati has great chili parlors and great recipes.  Here’s my recipe: Grater’s ice cream, skyline chili, queen city metts, price hill chili, racism, sexism, gayism, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals,  Montgomery Inn Ribs  and don’t forget that World Famous Blog, Citizens Against Joe Deters.

In seriousness, and I am being most sincere, on behalf of Cincinnati and all the bloggers, I sincerely hope Cincinnati is selected to host the 2016 Republican National convention.  I along with fellow bloggers like Mr. Nate Livingston of the Cincinnati Black Blog look forward to showing you’ll the black carpet. 

FBK is an unapologetic black writer who is not afraid to write about the ‘R’ word. She is a member of Cincinnati’s Local Vocal Active-Activists who often keeps it real.  She blogs, she writes eBooks and she is currently juicing- on and off -  so don’t mess with her. 
FBK is a combo of 3 writers - you figure it out....we're not telling. 


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