Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff Berding's Letter

Jeff Berding’s letter. Scared the shit out of me. It came today in my Po Box. The letter had an official seal from the City of Cincinnati. My brain just immediately freaked out. I thought it was a letter from Joe Deters’ office. OK, so I guess that would be Hamilton County. But anyway, I thought Joe had sicked another cop on me. Most of you know that he sicked his HDIC (Head Detective in Charge) on me because of this blog and my protest. I was on my cell phone to City Beat hoping that I’d be able to reach TKO (Tough Kevin Os.) Kevin got Joe-the-Persecutor up off my ass last time he threatened me, with that column he wrote. Anyway I sent Councilmember Berding, and all the Council members, a letter that was provided to our group from David Singleton, director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. The letter asked that felons, that have paid their debt to society, get considered for employment with the City. FYI I have written the Councilmembers for years. I always write politicians. I send President Obama a letter each month. I plan to send him a letter each month for four years asking him to stick to his pledge to eliminate sentence disparities (and some other stuff). Lord knows I’ve sent that unelected public servant Joe Deters a million letters. I’m always happy when politicians respond to my letters. I like to write letters. I’m old school like that. Sure I send out emails. But sometimes the highlight of my day is going down to my post office that is open after hours and mailing letters. Today I bought me some Bart Simpson postage stamps. My post office knows me by my first name. They know that I don’t do stamps with people on them. Every now and then during Black History month I might get a stamp with a Black person on it, but usually I prefer things like colorful objects, etc. I don’t do flowers--balloons are better. and I don’t do American flags. If the post office is closed and I have to buy a stamp from the machine, I’ll accept the freedom bells because I don’t have a choice. Look at me I’m rambling. If you read this blog you know that I don’t edit. I just completed my book and I had to edit the hell out of it before sending it to another editor. Plus I edit for my work and for real stuff that I send. This blog is mine. If I had to edit it, I probably wouldn’t post that often. Back to Deters. I’ve never seen him in person. Although I swear to God there is this black truck following me. Probably one of Joe’s boys. Like his boy Jim. I told my son, the other one, not the one that robbed the bank, that if I ever come up missing--Joe Deters is responsible. I’ve got all of my paper work on Joe hidden at my various family members houses. And that’s the only chapter in my book that I didn’t let the editor of my book edit. I think people will be surprised with that chapter. I didn’t go buck wild on Joe. The chapter has been written 5o thousand times. But the final chapter, I just decided to let go and let God. The chapter spanks Joe and his boy Jim a little bit. The new title of that chapter is releasing Joe Deters. Formerly the chapter was called I hate Joe Deters. Oh, yeah and I have a chapter in the book which is an Open letter to President Obama. Some day I may publish a book with my letters to people that I have written to around the world. See that's why Joe hates me. He will never forget me though. I bet he won't use another young Black person as collateral damage. I'm really sorry that my son robbed that bank and he's very sorry and we've apologized and we mean it. Maybe for some that is not good enough. But I've also went on to do a lot of good in our communites to help other young people with my column and my volunteer work. I'm not like one of those people that are going to keep apologizing. That's for politicians. I've said this before but there comes a time in one's life where you just have to tell a person to kiss your ass. Like President Obama, he's a fine American and a smart politician. But he needs to tell some to kiss his ass. Like Rush and O'Reilly and the other ones that attack him. Not only am I old school but I grew up in the A-1 Avondale. And even though I'm nestled in my burb now, my grandparents taught me to be a strong woman. I respect everyone that I meet. I like everyone. If there were Green people I would like them. Only person that I really don't like is Joe Deters. But not so much as Joe the man, but his actions. I've never met Joe or saw him in person, if I did I think I would be scared of him. I certainly wouldn't approach him. I don't know I use to be really confrontationl but now I'm sort of a chicken. Unless I'm messed with. Then that A-1 comes out. But for the most part I treat people like I want to be treated. Anyway, I’m off to go play tennis before it rains.