Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deters VS. Attorney Donovan

Attorney Mary Jill Donovan, president of the Greater Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers Association says, "I think it's a concern to everyone involved in the (judicial) system," she said. There is a perception, she added, that attorneys defending the accused always want to help their clients get out of trouble. "What defense counsel does is uphold the Constitution and make sure the system is fair to everyone," Donovan said."
Are you listening "Criminal" criminal attorney Tom Heekin?
Are you listening "Criminal" criminal attoreny Persecutor Joe Deters?
Deters says-- way too many reckless comments.
Read news story below, not so much for Deters reckelss comments in this story, but usually there is never a shortage of the ridiculous -- Bushisms that Deters spews.