Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why does Joe Deters the Chief Legal Rep let the "B" get away with it?

somebody actually asked that question... many have asked that question.
Joe’s problem with CAJD… the reason he threatened to sue, is because he didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t know what the hell else to do. Joe’s got opponents. Lot’s of them. The problem with the majority of Joe’s opponents is that they look like him. White. What the hell is Joe Deters the Chief Legal Rep of Cincinnati doing letting a group that was founded by two pissed off black mothers blog about him? After all Joe does not like Black people. That’s the way we believe Joe (and friends) think… Black people don't matter to Joe Deters. Especially working class Blacks.
Ohhhhhh but wait a minute. They be educated. They be having those degrees. They be taught by the colleges and the Universities. They be taught by a strong black grandmother that be teaching them that they ain’t got to tap dance to nobody. Especially not no Prosecutor that be paying for intimacy . Look closely at the sign up above…under the word trick….to get Joe's trick name. So our group CAJD founded by the Bank Robber’s mother and another pissed of Black mother ...
lacks respect for Joe Deters. We're not disrespectful people, usually, but he have a lack of respect for a Prosectuor that publicly lynches men of color. We don't support crime. We believe it's important to serve our community. We believe it's important to help other young people make good choices and not make the same mistakes that some of us have made. Yes, we all make mistakes. But we're not all Persecutors. We don't hold the key to injustice....
How could he?! Why does Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters (The City's Cheif Legal Rep) let them bitches (Yes, they actually called us bitches) disrespect him? Joe’s boys falsely claim that CAJD supports crime.
They argue that because CAJD's founder wants her name to go down in history as the BLACK MOTHER THAT JOE DETERS DID NOT GET AWAY WITH PUBLIClY LYNCHING. They argue that because the founder loves her beloved son but does not condone his crime, that she supports crime and acts recklessly. Really, is her name Mary or Melva?
It astounishes some, mostly racist, that CAJD believes she has a right to question a public official that acts reckless and makes "off the chart weird comments," that calls black men animals, that pals around with his boy Jim from that known racist online rag sheet. When the outright racist Enqui-liar called the outright racist Whistleblower outright racist. You can be damn sure the rag sheet is a racist publication.
Anytime that a women, especially a woman of color, challenges a white un-elected officials, chins drop to the ground.
Truthfully CAJD hates getting dirty. We hate to "go there." We don't want to be perceived by our family or our community, as being Mary and Melva crazy. You can't blame those ladies in Westwood for being concerned about their community. However if they think calling black people bad names at City Council and taking the law into their own hands is the right thing to do, than they are sadly mistaken.
Moving on from the Westwood ladies--
Unfortunately, sometimes when you play nicey nice with bad people, they screw you. The more you apologize, the more they try to serve it to you raw. We see that happening with President Barack Obama. Clearly, he's a loving man who works for ALL people. But some hateful people do like my mother says--they take his kindness for weakness. At some point it will be necessary for OUR President to tell some people to kiss his ass. Some people, it seems, that no matter how you try to please them, they keeping servin' it to ya raw. When that happens, when you get served raw, you have to tell a person point blank...Kiss my ass. Kiss my motherfreakin' ass.
(I had to go back in an clean this post up a little bit. It's difficult when you write, edit and proof for a living, having the energy to edit a blog. I'll do my best from time to time to clean up this blog, but be damned if I'm going to spend all day proofing and editing.)