Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joe's boy Jim (Joe's Mama Day present for his M-I-L)

When CAJD's book is released this summer--there is one full chapter dedicated to HCP Joe Deters. The chapter has been renamed Releasing Joe Deters. The chapter dishes, then releases. Inhale-Exhale. No more energy dedicated to Joe Deters. We're moving on to solutions in our communities. It might be hard giving up Joe. Joe's addicting. He's done so many bad things in his life time that there's always material. Still, we have to move on to the November City Council election. We will l never forget Joe. Never. But we're moving on.
A text sent to CAJD's read-- Never make someone your priority when you are merely their option.
Ummmmm not quite. Joe wanted to sue CAJD because maybe he really did hump the hooker in the car in Cleveland. You can't make stuff like that up. And then there's the thing about him humping his mother-in-law(allegedly). Our sources on that one....well...we're not sure if we believe them. But they said it. Swear to God.
Then there's Joe's boy Jim at the Whistleblower. Below is his take on Joe humping (or not humping of his M-I-L
On Mother's Day, many sons-in-law would like to send their wives back, except "Jaywalking Joe" Deters, who says he hopes his wife looks half as good in a thong bikini as her mother when she reaches Judge Sylvia "Big Momma" Hendon's age. "
It seems the Chief Legal Representative of Cincinanti would denounce this Big brain weirdo, that appears to like young girls with big green bushes between their legs. Wouldn't you? Most respectable folks would do it. They would diassociate themselves with the buffonery. But then Joe's finished in politics. Can you imagine the Cheif Legal representative going for another job in politics? The campaign would be ugly.
No wonder Joe went to work for Stan. He's finished in politics.
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Happy Mother's Day!