Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kiss the Ring--Lincoln Ware 1230 am the Buzz

The other day I was reading some post on the Cincinnati Beacon. I think it was from one of the connected blogs--the Cincinnati Enquirer blog. Anyway one of the writers from the Enquirer was stating that he’d saw a few local Republican candidates, and Jeff Berding, leaving Bob Castellini’s office. Anyway, someone posted on that blog that the candidates (if they had any chance of winning) they had to go see Mr. Castellini (hope I’m spelling his name correctly). The blog poster stated that they needed to kiss the ring. I found that comment hilarious. Kiss the ring. Well, that’ s the way I feel about the Lincoln Ware show on 1230 am the Buzz (airs from 10-2). If any politician black or white, hopes to hell they’ll be re-elected--they must kiss Lincoln Ware’s ring. They must call in. Check in. Check in on that show and explain to us common folk where they have been during the past two years. Kiss the ring! (many of you reading this blog--you are aware that I’m to lazy to edit. Kiss the ring.)