Monday, May 4, 2009

Checkmate you picked your Mayor?UPDATE

( I was reading Triantaifilou's latest post and I agree with him to a point--we all should be nice. I've also had to stop allowing anonymous post. People can be hateful. I think in the future we all should be more mindful of making reckless comments. It's OK to be critical--not reckless. Think before we post.)
I’ve met the chairman (Alex Triantaifilou) of the HCRP party on a few occasions. Usually when CAJD is around town checking up on Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters. In person he’s very friendly and polite. Once he even asked CAJD to remember that he’s always polite to us. Occasionally, I jump on Triantaifilou’s blog just see what’s going on with the Grand Ole’ partiers. I’m always surprised at the silliness that goes over at that blog. Triantaifilou is usually attacking President Obama, making fun of cancer patients that switch from Rethug to Dem, or he makes fun of Dems and accuses them of burning money. In November or December of 2008 Triantaifilou's response to being nominated the turkey of the year, by Joe’s boy Jim, on the Whistleblower's site-- the online tabloid that hates black people, gay people, RINOs, and poor white people who fight in Kentucky. The only people the Whistleblower appears to like is teenage girls with big bushes between their legs, hardcore Republicans who proclaim to have Christian values, except when they’re humping whores in Cleveland. The way in which Joe’s boy Jim beats up on Triantaifilou on his blog is by calling him names like Old Blue Face--you’d think that Alex would at least defend himself. But obviously Joe’s boy Jim has him in check because he never seems to defend himself.
Today (May 4, 2009) Triantaifilou rolled out the HCRP candidate for Mayor--Dr. McDreamy. Seems like a decent enough guy so far. Especially since he opposes the Choo Choo train. However, the reason his candidate can’t win, the reason Dr. McDreamy won’t win (even though he opposes the billion dollar Choo Choo train) is because he’s endorsed by the local Grand Ole' Partiers with the likes of Joe the Persecutor, Bill Cunningham (Cincinnati's best loved Rethuglican clown), Peter Bronson. Anyone who accepts an endorsement from that party might as well sign up for the Swine flu. With the exception of Bill Cunningham who gets paid to be dumb, the rest of the men should be ashame of themselves for spewing hate and being Rethuglicans. Don’t get me wrong all Republicans aren’t Re-thug-licans or hate spewers. Especially not Jean Schmidt. CAJD is a big fan of Jean Schmidt who Joe’s boy Jim also attacks. Anyway, CAJD does not know how to play chess. But we know when someone is trying to take the King (or whatever piece you take in an attempt to win the game.) Tryingtofoolya….you will not take the King. (CAJD no longer intends to edit or proof our blog. Don‘t feel like it. Can‘t edit and proof all and than proof this blog. Also, yes this blog is occasionally silly but than we are not the head of the local Rethuglican party. We are not the Hamilton County Persecutor!)