Friday, March 13, 2009

Does Deters Seek Death penalty in Black on Black murder cases?

CAJD knew it would happen. We knew that the part-time Prosecutor and criminal excuse me civil attorney (with a conflict of interest), would once again switch his Prosecutor’s hat with the almighty Persecutor’s hat. Deters appears to love high profile cases. Let’s be clear it probably makes Deters’ stomach turn when he thinks about how that big black man brutally murdered that innocent little white girl. For once Deters has something in common with CAJD because our stomach turns when we think of Kirkland‘s brutal attack on Kenny. How could Kirkland do that to Kenny? Why? Here’s why and how. When Kirkland murdered the 19-year old black woman and set her body on fire, Deters didn’t give a rat‘s ass. Even if he wasn’t the Prosecutor back than, most people are aware that Deters cares nothing about black on black crime. Black on Black crime doesn’t give Deters an opportunity to grandstand or to get ready for his close-up. Sure Kirkland was locked up for 16 years in that warehouse that some call a prison under a semi-controlled environment with staffers (although not nearly enough to properly watch the prison population). Possibly he was locked up with no treatment, no meds. Possibly there were a few reasons why Kirkland was able to control his insatiable desire to murder, burn, and penetrate girls and women while he was in prison: They probably kept his delusional ass in the hole. And secondly his insatiable and perverted sexually desire was not directed toward men not even prison bitches as some call themselves. This is Deters second time around these parts as Prosecutor. There was a period of time when he went up to Columbus and engaged in grab a GOP white man by the balls and make them Pay-to-Play in politics. On his way back down from Columbus he stopped off in Cleveland (I hear Cleveland has got the best hookers) and humped a hooker, allegedly. In the back seat of a car (allegedly). Deters trots on back to Cincinnati (some say with his tail between his burning balls and legs) where he writes in his name for his old job as Prosecutor. Most or some of us are aware of former Prosecutor Mike Allen’s story. Now comes the case of the murdered store owner. I believe this man was an immigrant. That makes no difference except that I believe that Deters would not pursue the death penalty against this poor man’s murderer if it did not benefit DemiGod Deters' resume. Poor Mister elderly immigrant would be another OTR dead man if he couldn’t didn’t have a white skin complexion, and if his case didn’t make the evening news. Why does it appear that Deters only wants to get tough on crime when the trespassed against are wealthy, white, and well-connected. At least two of the aforementioned traits are needed if you expect Deters to hold a press conference on your behalf. Deters will never hold a press conference to state that he is seeking the death penalty against a black person who kills a black person. It will never happen! Know why? Because Deters believes, as his HNIC told CAJD, that black people should worry about black on black crime. Most of us do. CAJD believes that no person of color will get justice from Deters in Hamilton County.