Monday, May 25, 2009

Does Alex M. Triantafilou wet the bed? Suck his thumb?

I briefly went on the Hamilton County Republican blog (as in keep your enemies closer). I was amused to see a video by Alex Triantafilou, chairman of HCRP. In that video, Triantafilou tells people to check back with his blog for updates and important information. What a joke. In person Triantafilou seems like a decent enough guy. But it’s clear from his blog that something isn’t right with him. He reminds me of the kid in school that nobody liked simply because he was uncool. In order to make friends he had to become someone’s flunky (or bitch). I can picture Triantafilou being the geeky kid that everybody convinced to do their dirt. Triantafilou uses those same tired, really tired, really really really tired, tactics from the Grand Ole’ Partiers (From the Grand marshal Rush Limbaugh) playbook that have run this country in the ground. His ridiculous post this week includes an attack on Councilmember Laketa Cole and Mayor Mallory. I don’t think the two are above criticism. However, his half-baked attacks are ridiculous. You’d think he’d go after the Whistleblower (Joe’s boy Jim) for launching missiles up his ass everyday. I’ll give Triantafilou a little bit longer before they toss him out on his ass. Right behind Michael Steele. Triantafilou acts as if it’s us against them. Us being Republicans vs. Democrats (I don’t consider myself a Repub or Dem and certainly not a Rethug). He’s so “join my team, pick me, join my team, pick me) Grow up already Alex.
I know you are! But what am I?
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