Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reckless Comments and Racist Headlines NOT needed for HEINOUS crime

Reckless Comments and Racist Headlines NOT needed for HEINOUS crime First CAJD extends our heartfelt condolences to the family of Esme Kenney. Heaven’s got another angel. My prayer to Kenney and to my beloved angel Grandmother who passed with this passed July, is that you’ll will ask God to look down upon ALL racist men, and touch their racist hearts. Help them to understand that as public servants they need not engage in reckless name calling and call mentally ill human beings, animals. Asks God to help the Cincinnati Enquirer reporters and columnist understand that they need not write racist headlines that fuel the fire of racial tension in Cincinnati. Help them to understand, that dogs and not humans get loose. Beloved grandmother and Esme ask God to deal with the mentally ill Anthony Kirkland swiftly and harshly according to His will. Thank God for me-- for lifting an African-American man to the highest position in the land, and for calling upon our President to demonstrate in both actions and words, that what the world really needs now is love among all races. Ask God to shame and strip the racist naked so that the racist can longer hide behind hypocritical evangilical falsehoods. MY DIRECT PRAYER Father I ask that you forgive Joe Deters for his reckless comments about the morgue worker. Father I asked that you forgive Alex M. Triantafilou for his outright racist comments about Anthony Kirkland. Father I ask that you punish Anthony Kirkland swiftly and harshly for his heinous act of murder. Father I ask that you “treat” the racist reporters and columnist at the Enquirer for the disease of hate. Father, I thank you for teaching commissioner David Pepper how to express himself, without expressing hate. Father I thank you for being the only One that can judge. Amen See the stories below. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090310/NEWS0107/303100033 Deters on corpse abuse. They want to fan the flames of fear http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090310/NEWS0107/903100391 Nice racist title for article. http://hcrp.blogspot.com/2009/03/tuesday-early.html Tryingtofoolya’s reckless comment. About the mentally ill.


FBK said...

Thanks commenter for sending the below comment to my email.

“It seems that the news are putting together a set of facts where the black pediophile may have actually been on a murder spree or is , in fact, a serial killer. How could he have gotten away with the other murders without anyone puttingit together that the "burnt" bodies was one man's MO? Because the other victims were black. When it is a black child, there is no outrage, no effort, no call for reforms, or calling someone onto the carper --- but just one pretty little white girl and the whole community and all the elected officials are riveted into action.

I can't see of another example of how obviously racist our community is. Oh wait - yeh, I can - a black baby was killed while under the protection of the ham cty protective services - just like marcus fiesl - but, where's the outrage? where's the call for reforms? why is our jfs director not being called out? because this little baby doesn't have the beautiful blue eyes and fair skin that resonates with the public or the elected officials.”