Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures (Life after Joe Deters)

I'm once again posting some of my Joe Deters' pictures. I've been hanging with Good ole' Joe for almost two years. I wake up in bed (see 1st picture below) in my Joe Deters t-shirt. I've got many of them. At my desk, in my bedroom office, I sit on my red Joe Deter's t-shirt. The t-shirt has Joe Deter's face drawn on it. That's right, I sit my big, fat rear end on Joe's face. The picture actually looks like Deters. The back of the t-shirt reads Joe Must Go! One of my fine White neighbors came up to me the other day (well actually last month) and offered me friendship bread. What was that about? I'm always nice and polite. I don't think he's seen me around town protesting Joe Deters. He probably sees me walking in the neighborhood wearing my Joe tees. I renamed the chapter in my book about Joe Deters--The new title is called Releasing Joe Deters. After the book, no more writing about Joe. Yep, CAJD will still have the blog and it will still be called Citizens Against Joe Deters--but the mission will be different.
I know you are but what am I? How does that saying go?