Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad habits return and so does sense of humor. Joe Deters' cereal

I cannot believe it. It's finally here. My book is finished, finished. Finished, finished. About 20,000 edits ago, I thought it was finished after each edit. But after sending it out to an editor, for the final edit, I can really say that it's finished. Telling myself that it was finished before it was finished, finished-- is what I told myself to keep at it. It's the lie that some writers have to tell themselves so they won't give up on their project.
Bad habits. In writing my book my bad habits (all of them) have come back. Really, they are too many to name. But one bad habit that unleashes itself even if I don't want it too--is cursing. I find myself cursing everywhere about everything. I especially curse when Joe Deters' name is mentioned.
I curse because I'm still stressing. Because even though the book will be unleashed (not released) in July, there is so much other planning around the event. So many little pesty details.
Joe's not going to be haaaaaaaappy.
(No editing on this blog)