Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti fast DAY 2

Yesterday for breakfast I drank my mandatory six cups of black coffee, 32 oz of water, and a chocolate protein powdered drink.

The protein powdered soup below, AKA garden soup, is what I drank for lunch and dinner yesterday. 

Thus far my brethen in Haiti, some of them, have been without food for seven days. Therefore, I will go without food for seven days.

However, yesterday my blood sugar level dropped really low and I had to suck the juices out of two oranges and some how or other, the pulp and the rest of the orange found it's way down my throat. Hey, look blog readers, I'm trying,-- but it's really, really, hard to fast.

Below is the Joe Deters style "stanky leg" sandwich that I made for my son yesterday. You can't tell by the picture but it's loaded with chicken breast meat, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese,  jalepenos, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, ranch dressings, etc, etc.

I was strong for my brothers and sisters in Haiti and I did not take one bite.  Seriously, I might have ate the oranges but I did not cheat with the sandwich.

More fasting updates tomorrow.

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the whore humping black people's persecutor        prosecutor does not want you to read.  (made some revisions to my imperfect-perfect little book)

The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center.   See the irony in that ?!