Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fasting for Haiti Day 4 & white politicians that don’t take care of their kids-

Still going strong for my brothers and sisters in Haiti--fasting and doing OK.  Black coffee, water, soup juices, and oranges are satisfying me just fine.

What’s up with the headlines  John Edwards-- You are the father!  Still, I like John Edwards and pray for Elizabeth Edwards. 
We have all sinned and fallen short of Obama’s glory, right?

I read Elizabeth Edwards book a few years back, the book in which she talks about her kid (teen) being killed in a car wreck. She’s an amazing woman!

And whose the trifling Cincinnati Council member that don’t want to take care of their kid?  I think it’s Leslie Ghiz that was trying to push her kid off on one of her aids.  That just seems like something she would do.

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the whore humping black people's persecutor prosecutor does not want you to read. (made some revisions to my imperfect-perfect little book)
The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center. See the irony in that ?!