Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Babies vs. 3CDC dogs & DETERS vs. BORTZ

I will apologize to you in advance blog reader, because it seems there is never enough time on this blog to fully flesh out information that we put forth in order to enlighten the community. On this blog it is always the intention to stay focused on the highest ranking republican in Hamilton County, the Chief Legal Representative, AKA the crook that MSB'd (allegedly) on and in the prostitute in Cleveland--Joe Deters, the prosecutor, or persecutor depending on who you talk to.

On Monday June 21st Cincinnati City Council will take a vote to determine  if they will give 14 million dollars to create a dog park in Washington park. This coming on the heels of their announcement to close the West End Health Clinic which serves five thousand residents. In that community, the infant mortality rate is 26.9 percent. Kill the babies for the dogs?

It has been reported that the Ohio Ethics Commission will determine (Tuesday June 22, 2010) if Cincinnati City Council member Chris Bortz has a conflict of interest in serving on Council and being connected to his family business-- Towne properties. If the commission “officially” determines that Bortz has a conflict of interest then it's up to persecutor Joe Deters to prosecute Council member Bortz. No one can predict how the Commission will rule. However, the Commission is on record stating that Bortz being on Council and having  connections with Towne Properties is a conflict of interest. If the Commission “officially“ rules in the matter against Bortz, Deters has to prosecute Bortz. Deters won’t. It has been reported on this blog, on many occasions, that Deters flat out won't prosecute the white, wealthy and well-connected. Bortz--you are free to go!
(Also, the Republican headquarters is located in a Towne property)

Who will prosecute Deters for being with the prostitute in Cleveland.